5 Ways to Connect with Your Daughter in the Digital Age

As if being a parent wasn’t hard enough, we now have to navigate everything that goes with the digital age. Our kids being constantly plugged into their phones can make it next to impossible to connect with them, especially daughters.

Regardless of your daughter’s age or if you’re a mother or a father, try out these five ways to spend time with your daughter in a way that will strengthen your bond and legitimately connect.

5. Go Out in Nature

This may sound cliché, but it’s the first activity for a reason. Countless studies have shown that those who spend more time in nature unplugged from the internet are more calm, relaxed, and open to deep discussion.

Going for a walk on a local trail, heading to the beach, hiking, bicycling - anything that gets your daughter around the green beauty of Mother Nature will put her in a more naturally relaxed state and therefore will be more likely to open up about what’s really on her mind.

4. No Tech with Meals

You’ll notice a pattern in this post of me saying “Toss the phones away”. In the modern digital age we live in, our children’s attention is constantly being stolen by endless notifications, messages, social media posts, you name it.

Make it a rule in your household that there will be no tech with any meal, breakfast, lunch, or dinner. And when I say tech, I mean all tech - phones, televisions, laptops, tablets - all of it. A family sharing a meal is one of the most meaningful moments of a child’s life regardless of their age - and she’ll thank you for being a stickler about being present at meals when you both get older.

3. Go on Regular Walks Together

This piggy backs off of the ‘Go out in nature’ point above, but deserves its own section. Where going out in nature can require some planning and deconflicting schedules, it takes no planning ahead to establish a regular routine of going out on a walk together at the end of the day.

Have it be around the neighborhood, down the street and back, or in the woods in your backyard, taking time everyday to get out of the house and get the blood moving is a great way to break down some walls. 

You can take your phones with you for safety reasons seeing as it’s next to impossible to walk and play on the phone at the same time. A nice little added bonus is taking the dog along with you.

2. Listen Without Judgement

This one may be the most important - whether you’re doing the aforementioned activities together, hanging out around the house, or in the car together, listen. 

One of the most common misfortunes young women have to deal with living in a digital age is that everybody wants the attention on them, therefore nobody has the capacity to give their attention. Let her ramble on and jump from subject to subject without interrupting her until she’s out of breath. Over time, she’ll turn to you for her problems because she feels comfortable doing so, and your bond will grow stronger every day.

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