How to enjoy the holidays and stay safe during a pandemic

How to enjoy the holidays and stay safe during a pandemic

The pandemic is changing holiday traditions for many of us.

Studies show it is 10 times easier to transmit the virus inside as opposed to outdoors. Since most holidays are spent inside at a table elbow-to-elbow with family and friends, health experts like Dr. Catherine Troisi say they are concerned we are going to see an upswing in cases.

Even shopping for the holidays can put more of us at risk.

The CDC suggests:

  • Choose outdoor gatherings over indoors
  • Keep the time of the gathering short
  • Keep the gathering small
  • Consider if guests traveled

"We are actually not really concerned about transmission on the plane," Dr. Troisi said. "They have very efficient air filtering systems and, although there have been some cases where that has occurred, it is much more likely to occur in the airport."

If you do plan to travel, Dr. Troisi offers this advice:

  • Driving is safer than flying
  • If you drive, bring your own food
  • Make sure you don't have COVID-like symptoms two weeks prior to travel
  • Try to quarantine for 48 hours in a hotel before seeing loved ones

If you plan to host or attend a holiday gathering, the CDC recommends:

  • Wash your own dishes to limit cross-contamination
  • Paper plates are safer to use than regular dishes
  • Wipe down common areas
  • Don't use serving utensils or pass dishes

The good news is, Dr. Troisi says you don't have to cancel the holidays.

If you follow these guidelines and consider the safest way to gather with family and friends, you can still enjoy the holiday season.

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